Firstly, we never represent landlords, only ever tenants so we will make sure that the details of the lease work completely in your favour. We will never ask you to sign a lease that we wouldn’t sign ourselves.  

We have a proven track record of negotiating the best lease terms, and renewal terms in the industry. We will negotiate on every point of the lease on your behalf; from the Rent and Rent Free costs to Service Charge Caps; as well as negotiating on every other detail of the lease including lease lengths, lease breaks, rent reviews, alienation provisions (subleasing and assignment clauses), alterations, dilapidations, signage, landlord contributions towards floor boxes and carpets, insurance contributions, access etc.

We do this by using our very strong market knowledge. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have access to every single office in London; we know what is available and we have a full understanding of recent transactions in the London sub-markets. We will know what your neighbours have paid for their office space and therefore know what savings are achievable for you.

Another way that we make sure you take the right office on the best terms is by putting together a full cost breakdown of all the office options you are considering to ensure you are able to align an emotional decision on the physical space, with a financial one.

We also ensure that all offices are measured (where relevant) using the latest RICS guidance to ensure that you are only paying for square feet that exists. We will also conduct a photographic schedule of condition (when relevant) to ensure you are covered when you move out too.  

The terms that are agreed will sit with your business for many, many years so they have to be as tenant friendly as possible.

For Leasehold office acquisitions we do charge a fee for our service, however the fee pays for itself in the savings we will achieve for you.

Our reviews on Google will show you what previous clients are saying about us – we really are very good at what we do!